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Surgical complications with her special needs son led her to leave her corporate position; her faith and God led her to return to her performing arts roots, rediscovering her passion for drawing and artistic expression. Various volunteer opportunities directed that passion to a new outlet: face painting and body art. The requests for her face painting skills poured in and the lines at her events grew longer and longer - Mission Strokes Face Painting was born!

A love for art, a passion for drawing and painting and a steadfast devotion to God and His guidance are the foundations of Mission Strokes Face Painting. The mission of Mission Strokes is twofold: make your event the best it can be and honor God with each work.

One of the ways Mission Strokes Face Painting does this is by dedicating the first twenty percent of the rate on every job to charities dedicating to helping others. Ten percent will go to a charity of the client's choice, ten percent to a charity of the artist's choice.


Thank you for your support of Mission Strokes Face Painting and your support of others. We look forward to turning you, your family and friends into living works of art.





Veronica has been involved in the performing arts for over tweny years, ranging from roles in film, television and on stage in theatrical productions. She has worked both in front of the camera as an actress and behind the scenes in capacities such as direction, design and makeup.




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Mission Strokes uses only professional FDA approved makeup specifically designed for face and body painting.

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